Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet 16 cake toppers

We are "THE" store for sweet 16 cake toppers. Add these number 16's to the top of your cake and wow! Many different styles to choose from. Funky and classic styles from plain to elegant with Swarovski crystals. Go to www.sweetsixteenstore.com

Summer sweet 16

Summer is coming and our sweet 16 flip flops make the perfect accessory. These sweet 16 flip flops with rhinestone sliders go great with our sweet 16 tank tops with crystals. Ideal for the sweet 16 birthday beach bash. Go to www.sweetsixteenstore.com

Sweet 16 keychains

New sweet 16 keychains are coming soon. Sooo cute, with polka dots and rhinestone sliders. Very unique. You've never seen these keychains before. Go to www.sweetsixteenstore.com

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How Sweet Sixteen Store.com got started

The concept of Sweetsixteenstore.com was born from my frustrations in trying to plan my own daughter's Sweet Sixteen last November. It was just so difficult to find "Sweet Sixteen" merchandise, especially cool merchandise. Everything seemed so out dated. I didn't want paper plates with the number "16" and balloons on them. She's sixteen, not two. No, I wanted more! New hip items to choose from. I did find some really cool things and her party was a huge hit. However, I had to pay several different shipping fees because each item came from a different store. So, I decided, that's it! There is a need that needs to be filled here and I'm going to fill it. Viola, www.sweetsixteenstore.com. My goal is to make sure we carry the latest fashion trends for your sweet sixteen. I'll continue to search for the latest products and add new vendors. Everything I purchase is first reviewed by my sixteen year old or if necessary, a panel of her friends. That's always fun. I've also added a gift section to Sweetsixteenstore.com because I understand how hard it is sometimes to find that perfect gift for your very special sweet sixteen. It is my great honor in assisting you with your "sweet sixteen" and I've added some tips that might make your party and your life a bit easier. I hope you enjoy the website and merchandise. Good luck and I wish you have a wonderful Sweet Sixteen.

About Sweet Sixteen Store.com

Sweet Sixteen Store.com has everything you need for your sweet sixteen. We carry unique gifts, party supplies and decorations exclusively for the sweet sixteenth birthday. Tiaras, flip flops, cake toppers, candle holders, key rings and much more.

Go to www.sweetsixteenstore.com to find what you need for that very special sweet 16.